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  >>"MASAE UEZUMI - Paris and Provence" by Dominique Nahas
  >>"MASAE UEZUMI" by Willo Doe
  >>"THE ART OF MASAE UEZUMI" by Fred Bendheim
  >>Shukan NY Seikatsu -Japan Voice in NY- Gallery (in Japanese and English)
>> Works 2004
    -Air, Santa Fe-2
-Adobe, Santa Fe-1
-Adobe, Santa Fe-2

-Door and Window, Santa Fe-1
-Door and Window, Santa Fe-2

-Portal, Santa Fe
-Café, Santa Fe
-Corridor, Santa Fe

-Adobe, Santa Fe-3
-Adobe, Santa Fe-4

-Door and Window, Santa Fe-3
-Door and Window, Santa Fe-4
-Door and Window, Santa Fe-5(R&B)
-Air, Santa Fe-3

>>Works 2002
    -The Park Philadelphia
-Arch, Philadelphia

-Door and Window, Philadelphia-1
-Door and Window, Philadelphia-2

>>Works 2001
    -Queens, NY-1 & Queens, NY-2
>>Works 2000
    -Door & Window, NY-1
-Door & Window, NY-2
-Door & Window, NY-3
-Door & Window, NY-4
-Bridge, N.Y.
-Cloister, N.Y.